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Tanda of the Week: Your Source for Argentine Tango 

Welcome to Tanda of the Week, the tango blog that offers weekly new content for all tango DJs, tango dancers and fans of Argentine tango music! Discover new music, learn about tango culture and explore tips for even experienced DJs.

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I have been a DJ of several music styles since 1994. I started dancing and DJing Argentine tango in 2008 and started my original Tanda of the Week blog in 2010. Being a tango DJ, traveling around the world and playing music for dancers everywhere, has been an amazing journey. With this tango blog I hope to share my love for this music and culture!

- DJ Antti Suniala


Argentine tango is danced in milongas a "tanda" at a time with one partner.

Tandas are a set of most commonly four songs from one orchestra, following a similar style, mood and tempo through out the songs.

From the first notes of the first song, the dancers can decide if they want to dance the tanda and look for a partner.

When the DJ can play an inspiring and consistent set of four songs, the dancers can comfortably enjoy the tanda without readjusting for each song.


Argentine tango is a musical genre and a social dance originating from the 19th century suburbs of Buenos Aires. Argentine tango consists of the tango, vals and milonga (style of music).

The Golden Age of tango music was in 1935-1952 and the recordings from that time make the majority of music still played in milongas (tango dances) today.

Argentine tango may be instrumental or include a vocalist or a duet. Tango for dancing is most commonly played by an "orquesta típica", which includes violins, piano, double bass and bandoneóns.

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