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Tango for Midsummer's Eve - Reijo Taipale - Finnish tango

I'm not sure how familiar our readers are with Finnish Midsummer's eve traditions, but listening to nostalgic tango music, enjoying sauna, swimming and dancing are all essential!

Finnish Tango music record cover
Reijo Taipale Satumaa

We spent our eve bicycling around the historic Tuusula Lake and enjoyed live music and danced some swing and tango. There's one song that is like the La Cumparsita of Finnish tango (well there is a Finnish version of La Cumparsita of course) in the sense that it is the most known and performed tango of all time. It is said that only Reijo Taipale performed it over 6,000 times! And although considerably less than 6,000 times, I know for sure I've played it almost every time I DJ for a ballroom party of old Finnish music.

The song is Satumaa (Dreamland) is just perfect tango for Midsummer's eve and the other 364 days of the year. I've compiled a four song tanda for all fans of Finnish tango. Enjoy!

  1. Reijo Viita - "Satumaa" (Dreamland) 1962

  2. Reijo Viita - "Kesäinen muisto" (Summer memory) 1963

  3. Reijo Viita - "Kun sinisilmäs nähdä sain" (When I got to see your blue eyes) 1963

  4. Reijo Viita - "Tähdet meren yllä" (Stars above the sea) 1963

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