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15/2024 - Ricardo Tanturi & Enrique Campos "Oigo tu voz" - Argentine tango

Here's one my many favorite tandas from Tanturi and Campos. This is some of the finest melancholic Argentine Tango for dancing you can find.

Oigo tu Voz

I hear your voice,

and my ears can’t forget it.

Your voice brings

even to my hidden pains

the light and the life

of a ray of sunshine.

I listen again

to my name on your lips,

and I cannot tell

if the word I feel

is the wind’s deception,

only a hallucination.

Tango musicians
Ricardo Tanturi & Enrique Campos

"Oigo tu voz" and "Una emoción" were recorded by Lucio Demare with Raúl Berón also. And there's the great version of "Recién" by Pedro Laurenz with Alberto Podestá.

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