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08/2024 - Ricardo Malerba & Orlando Medina (tango) - Traditional tango

Here's the very first tanda I shared for the original Tanda of the Week blog when I started it in August of 2010. It's built around the last song of the tanda, which is the classic "Remembranza". I love to play both this version by Ricardo Malerba with Orlando Medina on the vocals, as well as the Osvaldo Pugliese / Jorge Maciel version from 1956.

Between 1941 and 1945, Ricardo Malerba cut thirty numbers for the Odeon label, and then recorded the last eight between March 1956 and January 1957. Afterward, he transitioned to the Music Hall label, where he recorded five pieces in 1957.

I had some problems choosing which song would start the tanda but in the end chose "Gitana Rusa" because of the beautiful melody of the violins. At least for me the melody is a clear signal to get on the floor as fast as possible.

I play this tanda quite often still in 2024. I might rotate the songs or add something else in the mix but it has remained as one of my go-to favorites. What do you think of the tanda? How would you describe Malerba's style of tango?

Malerba, Ricardo - TangoTunes

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