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19/2024 - Pedro Laurenz & Carlos Bermúdez - Argentine tango tanda by DJ Antti Suniala

Tango musician with a bandoneon
Pedro Laurenz

1. Pedro Laurenz / Carlos Bermúdez - "La madrugada" 1944

2. Pedro Laurenz / Carlos Bermúdez - "Nada más que un corazón" 1944

3. Pedro Laurenz / Carlos Bermúdez - "Más solo que nunca" 1944

4. Pedro Laurenz / Carlos Bermúdez - "Me están sobrando las penas" 1944

Even though the orchestra of Pedro Laurenz recorded relatively little Argentine Tango compared to the biggest names of tango, there are still many great songs to choose from. There are also clear differences between different time periods (the uptempo 1937-1941 and the lower tempo 1942+) as well as between the singers of the orchestra, of which of course the real and possibly only star was Alberto Podestá.

However the singer Carlos Bermúdez seems like a perfect match in the orchestra of Laurenz. Take for example the amazing "Me están sobrando las penas" and all it's fine details and sophisticated complexity completed by the vocals of Bermúdez.

These songs might require the late night hours and dimmed lights and dancers willing to go deep into this special mood but the challenge brings great rewards!

You can preview the songs on the embedded player below or follow the playlist link to Spotify for the full tanda. Enjoy!

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Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Eine schöne Tanda!


Deborah Maus
Deborah Maus
May 10
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

I would've ended with "Llueve otra vez" instead. But dont mind my personal preference, I melt away with every Laurenz-Bermudez combinations. :)



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