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13/2024 - Osvaldo Pugliese - La Yumba - Instrumental Argentine Tango - DJ Antti Suniala

1. Osvaldo Pugliese - "La yumba" 1952

2. Osvaldo Pugliese - "Patético" 1948

3. Osvaldo Pugliese - "La cachila" 1952

4. Osvaldo Pugliese - "Gallo ciego" 1959

One of my favorite instrumental argentine tango tandas from Osvaldo Pugliese. I love seeing how there's no hesitation when the dancers hear the first notes of "La yumba" and run for the dance floor.

"Patético" is one of my absolute favorites and even though it's recorded 4 years prior to the 1952 version of "La yumba" it doesn't fall far behind in the sound quality and dynamics. But I would have my finger on the volume slide to boost the first notes of the songs just in case.

"La cachila" is a song that has a huge part in how I found tango. When I was in circus school (before I had started dancing), my choreographer chose "La cachila" by Trio Esquina for my very first performance's music. Years later I found the old performance video I realized that I had performed to the same song that I loved to dance to by Di Sarli or Pugliese.

"Gallo Ciego" is a song that was composed by Agustin Bardi and first recordings of the song were by Canaro and De Caro in 1927. The most familiar recording for dancers is probably Juan D'Arienzo's recording of Gallo Ciego from 1937. This is a great opportunity to compare the two arrangements and I love to play good 1950's arrangements from the classic compositions of 1920's and 1930's.

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Deborah Maus
Deborah Maus
May 10

Can you elaborate why you picked Gallo ciego at the end of this tanda? After all, you are bridging quite a time span.

Replying to

Hey I appreciate the question. I guess I don't mind the time span that much in this case and the progression of music makes sense to me. Although I admit I think Gallo Ciego and 1959 is to the very limit of how far I would go down the Pugliese discography (with very rare exceptions ofc).

I could also finish the tanda with maybe Seguíme Si Podés (1953), La Rayuela (1953) or Emancipación (1955). All great songs to finish a tanda strong.

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