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10/2024 - Orquesta Típica Victor (instrumental tango) - Tanda of the Week - DJ Antti Suniala

This week's instrumental tango tanda is from Orquesta Típica Victor. The Tipica Victor or OTV was a studio orchestra of the Victor record label and they recorded a large amount of tango music I believe in between 1925 and 1945. The orchestra was directed by great musicians like Adolfo Carabelli and although lot of the recordings were instrumental also singers like Charlo, Alberto Gomez and even Angel Vargas sang in their recordings.

"Other important names that passed through the ranks of the orchestra were: the bandoneon players Federico Scorticati, Carlos Marcucci and Pedro Laurenz; Orlando Carabelli, brother of the leader, and Nerón Ferrazzano on double bass; on violins: Antonio Buglione, Eduardo Armani and Eugenio Nobile. Cayetano Puglisi, Alfredo De Franco and Aníbal Troilo were also included in the orchestra on some occasions.

Years later, and due to commercial reasons, the label thought that only one orchestra was not enough. For that reason a number of orchestras began to appear: "Orquesta Victor Popular", the "Orquesta Típica Los Provincianos" led by Ciriaco Ortiz, the "Orquesta Radio Victor Argentina" led by Mario Maurano, the "Orquesta Argentina Victor", the "Orquesta Victor Internacional", the "Cuarteto Victor" (lined up by Cayetano Puglisi, Antonio Rossi, Ciriaco Ortiz and Francisco Pracánico) and the excellent "Trío Victor", with the violinist Elvino Vardaro and the guitarists Oscar Alemán and Gastón Bueno Lobo. The already mentioned quality of the musicians made the Orquesta Típica Victor one of the highest musical expressions of its period, and it would remain at the same level until the late thirties." - Néstor Pinsón, TodoTango

I feel that most of the OTV instrumentals that i hear in milongas are more downtempo, and while I like some of them (for example the great "Viento Norte"), I personally always found the uptempo songs more to my liking. And here if you compare "Jueves" to the same song recorded by Juan D'Arienzo in 1937 you'll notice that the high energy and uptempo style was already more or less present in the Victor label's releases already before D'Arienzo's breakthrough.

These songs are mostly credited for "Orquesta Tipica Victor" but the second and third song were recorded by "Orquesta Radio Victor Argentina". I added a bonus track on the tanda playlists, which is the super uptempo "El Enterriano" also recorded by Orquesta Radio Victor Argentina.


Orquesta Tipica Victor - - TangoTunes

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