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16/2024 - Miguel Caló & Raúl Berón - Argentine Tango from 1940s

Here's one version of a Miguel Caló with Raúl Berón tanda that I love to play. I find that this one captures better the story of losing someone you love with some of the most beautiful tangos ever recorded.

Although I have been playing this one also as a version where "Lejos de Buenos Aires" replaces "Corazon, no le hagas caso". It is a matter of if I like to follow "Trasnochando" with a song that starts with a similar strong beat or with one that starts a lot smoother. But like I said, lyrics wise I like "Corazon..." better. For me, this here is tango perfected and in these songs you have it all. Great danceability, amazing tango orchestra and singer, the melody, the rhytm, drama, passion and melancholy. It doesn't really get better than this. Overplaying these songs is impossible and they are some of the best Argentine Tango from the 1940s you can find.

You can read the lyrics of the songs in the following links:

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what a great cortina after this tanda 😊

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