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12/2024 - Juan D'Arienzo - Instrumental Argentine Tango For Dancing

You could start the tanda with any of these songs but I think Canaro en Paris (1950) is a great first song for this very energetic and rhythmical tanda. The song is both melodic, rhythmical and very playful! Love it.

I think the song sets a great mood for the dance floor and dancers have a nice warm up for the absolute bangers of instrumental argentine tango that finish the tanda. What I like to do is to pause just the tiniest bit after "El Simpatico" to build the anticipation for the final song, which is the undeniable extra-ordinary "El Puntazo" from 1952.

1. Juan D'Arienzo - "Canaro En Paris" 1950

2. Juan D'Arienzo - "Yapeyu" 1951

3. Juan D'Arienzo - "El Simpatico" 1951

4. Juan D'Arienzo - "El Puntazo" 1952

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