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17/2024 Enrique Rodrígues & Armando Moreno - Argentine Tango

I don't play much Enrique Rodríguez but I like these straight forward up-tempo Argentine Tango arrangements and Armando Moreno as a singer. They always get people on the floor.

Enrique Rodríguez profile photograph
Enrique Rodríguez Argentine Tango

"This peculiar musician is a faithful follower of the traditional rhythmical style played by Edgardo Donato and Juan D'Arienzo. Criticized by innovators and praised by the dancers, his orchestra enjoyed a great popularity in the forties and fifties, either in Argentina or in the rest of Latin America.

His style was a breakthrough for the groups of the period, because he played all kinds of genres, introduced miscellaneous instruments and his repertoire, always assorted, only included merry or romantic tunes. But when he played tango, you heard the brilliant sound of a well-rehearsed orchestra, with simple nice arrangements and also with very good vocalists.

The collector and researcher Emilio Pichetti tells us: «Enrique Rodríguez was a complete functional musician, besides playing bandoneon, he equally played piano and violin or brandished the baton. He was talented and was fast to easily write simple arrangements and versions of consecrated classical and popular melodies of all countries, without depriving them of their essence of international beat. So the success of his orchestra was strengthened not only in our milieu, but also in the whole continent for the delight of listeners and dancers»."

"The singer that stood out was, undoubtedly, Armando Moreno, "El niño Moreno", who joined the orchestra in three different periods. This team left indelible footprints in the tango memory."

- Read more about Enrique Rodríguez by Ricardo García Blaya at

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