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23/2025 - The Melodic Tango Legacy of Domingo Federico & Carlos Vidal

Of all the numerous singers Domingo Federico worked and recorded with, the most outstanding has to be Carlos Vidal. The melodic tango songs in this tanda were very popular in the milongas some years ago, especially after the high quality TangoTunes release of the "Todo de Domingo" compilation of 98 digitized shellac recordings.

Tango musicians in a studio
Domingo Federico and orchestra

Domingo Federico himself was an unforgettable musician, composer, bandoneon player and orchestra leader. He played in the Juan Canaro Orchestra and also in the orchestra of Miguel Calo before:

" 1943 he split with Caló to put together his own orchestra, with which he debuted to great acclaim at the Select Buen Orden café, with his vocalists Alberto Tagle and Alfredo Castel." - By Ricardo García Blaya, TodoTango

Domingo Federico's recordings span from 1944 to the 1960s and they include many great songs with popular singers such as Oscar Larroca and Armando Moreno. Instrumental highlights showcasing the unique sound of Domingo Federico include "Leyenda gaucha".

For the tanda I've chosen songs from 1944-1946 that are a testament to the harmonious blend of Domingo Federico's orchestral arrangements and Carlos Vidal's tender and evocative singing.

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