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Guest DJ tanda #1 - Roberto Caló, Francisco Rotundo & Francisco Canaro - El Puntanzo TangoDJ

I'm super excited and thankful for the first guest DJ tanda of our Argentine tango blog. The tanda comes from El Puntanzo TangoDJ from Singapore. Here's what he had to say:

"A few years ago there was a big discussion over Facebook Tango DJ forums about how to make a tanda around Canaro's "Bailando me diste un beso" vals. Main reason is that there aren't any other Canaro's vals with with 2 singers around the time this piece was recorded (1952). Lots of ideas were thrown around, spanning from all valses from Canaro, from substantially different years and with only one singer, to mixing it with Biagi's, Varela's and even Pugliese's valses with 2 singers. I love this vals and none of the ideas seemed right to me, so I took the challenge up on myself.

These are two versions of what I came up with and that, in regular milongas and tango events, proved to work pretty well."

  1. Roberto Caló / Carlos Barbé & Jorge de la Peña - "Un vielo para los dos" 1955

  2. Francisco Rotundo / Enrique Campos & Floreal Ruiz - "El viejo vals" 1951

  3. Francisco Canaro / Alberto Arenas & Mario Alonso - "Bailando me diste un beso" 1952

El Puntanzo TangoDJ suggested that "Un viejo para los dos" could also be played as a version from Orquesta Alberto Mancione with singers Jorge Ledesma & Héctor Alvarado. The song is a classic vals peruano, which I heard the first time on the great Argentine tango documentary Café de los Maestros.

You can listen to the tanda below and be sure to subscribe El Puntanzo TangoDJ's YouTube channel!

Remember to comment and rate the tanda!

And thanks to everyone who has subscribed to the blog posts! I noticed there was a glitch and not all the emails have gone through. This should be fixed for next week's post. Thanks for the patience and your support.

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