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20/2024 - Ricardo Tanturi & Alberto Castillo "Así es la Milonga" - Uptempo milonga tanda

Tango singer
Alberto Castillo

Welcome to this week's tanda from Ricardo Tanturi's Orquesta Típica Los Indios with vocals by Alberto Castillo. Between 1941-1943 Tanturi's orchestra was accompanied by the charismatic Alberto Castillo and their earliest recordings from the vals "Recuerdo" (1941-01-08) to the tango "La vida es corta" (1941-02-19) and the uptempo milonga "Mi morocha" (1941-09-18) are all some of the hardest hitting songs in their respective genres.

Hey before I go further I'll do some quick announcements here:

Now let's continue.

"Milonga is a rhythm so cheerfful that there is no other like it."

This milonga tanda is highly danceable, featuring a clear rhythm and abundant musical details to unleash your inner musicality. I generally play the songs in this order because I find that the energy builds nicely, starting with a smoother beginning and ramping up to a more dynamic ending. Also if you just listen to the very endings of the songs I think "Mozo guapo" has the strongest last notes to finish off a high energy tanda.

Enjoy and don't forget to share and comment below!

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